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New Vlogs - Jamie: Trainspotting and Tanya: Gaining Confidence
Date posted: 05/02/2018 | Posted by: Cintre

Follow Cintre's YouTube Channel to watch Service User's Vlogs. The Vlogs are real life stories from the people the charity supports and works with. 

Jamie has cerebral palsy and receives Reachout support from Cintre. One of his favourite things to do with support, is to go trainspotting. Watch all the fun and check out those piano skills! 

Tanya is supported by Cintre's Reachout Service. Her goals this year are to gain more confidence and build workplace skills. To start her confidence journey this year, Tanya has learnt budgeting skills with her key-worker Lauren, saving money towards getting her hair restyled! You can watch the transformation in this video.

After her hair transformation, we catch up with Lauren and Tanya, who chats about her new ambitions; starting Wokrplace mentoring classes with the Prince's Trust, and how her new hair has given her a real confidence boost to do more!