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Cintre's staff and services are independently regulated and assesed.

We are a regulated service and are independently audited by a variety of bodies.

These include local authorities and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

  • Care Quality Commission

    All of our services received 'Good' ratings from the Care Quality Commission in their latest inspections (2017/18). 

    Visit our profile on the Care Quality Commission website to view and download the latest inspection reports for each Cintre  location and services. 

    Cintre Care Quality Commission Profile

  • Cintre Community Limited, Report and Audited Financial Statements, 2018

    "2017/18 has been a challenging year for Cintre. In line with other similar organisations, Cintre's revenue has gone down in this financial year. In the main, the challenges have related to: decreased funding, the same or increased staff costs, voids at our Severnoaks property and In Via not reaching the anticipated level of occupancy. The organisation has responded to these challenges resiliently: reviewing referal processes; service delivery models; and resource analysis. The key financial objective moving forward is to realise a breakeven financial position."

  • Cintre Community Limited, Report and Audited Financial Statements, 2017

    "I am pleased to report that the past year has been one of success for Cintre. Much of the change programme introduced as part of a review of our strategic direction in 2013 is now well established and embedded in the way the charity works both internally and with our partners"

    "By the time you receive this report the first residents will have arrived at our new supported living accommodation, Cintre In Via, in South Gloucestershire. This is the culmination of a two year project to source and convert a building suitable to be a home for five people who are approaching a major milestone on their journeyto independent living". 

  • Cintre Community Limited, Report and Audited Financial Statements, 2016

    You can download our Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016.

    "In the detailed report you will read how we have impacted upon the lives of those we have come into contact with, how we continue to work with our colleagues in the Commissioning Teams to find the best solution at the right time and how Cintre ensures good governance and risk management whilst investing in training for the development of staff and Trustees".

    "The financial statements comply with current statutory requirements, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Statement of Recommended Practice - Accounting and Reporting by Charities (March 2015).The Documents were approved by our Trustees on 26th July 2016". - Bob Moore, Chair of Trustees 

Extracts from the Care Quality Commission Report as written by them and available in the public domain: 

"Good relationships had been established between staff and the people they provided care for. Staff spoke about people in a meaningful way and enabled their independence". February 2017

"I feel listened to. Otherwise the relationship wouldn't last. I know I can ask any question and I'll be helped". - February 2017 

"People received care that was responsive to their needs and personalised to their wishes and preferences". - May 2016

"People were provided with activities, food and a lifestyle that respected their choices and preferences". - March 2016

"Staff spoke with people in a meaningful way, taking a vested interest in what people were doing and asking how people were feeling".  - March 2016

"People and relatives in the main spoke positively about the staff and told us they were caring"..."The calibre of staff is very high, all of them are friendly, outgoing, helpful, considerate and very professional in their dealings with residents and family members". - March 2016

"A visiting professional and family member both told us that communication is excellent. The family member told us 'I know I can ring them anytime, the work they have done is brilliant' The service ensured that they communicated with all the professionals involved with a person's care. All the people we spoke with knew how to make a complaint and told us who they would contact if they ever had any concerns".- May 2014

"When listening to staff it was apparent that they really cared about the individuals they were supporting and they provided care and support in accordance with people's wishes, always promoting and supporting independence. Service satisfaction surveys were completed regularly for people living in the home, visiting professionals and family members and any issues identified were promptly dealt with".- May 2014

"...they really cared about the individuals they were supporting... always promoting and supporting independence."

Care Quality Commission Report, May 2014