Parents and Guardians

We can help your child gain independence and confidence, enabling them to a lead fulfilling life.

We believe each individual should feel a sense of belonging, purpose, safety, freedom and confidence from our services. To achieve this we will discuss and develop a clear understanding of your relative’s needs from an in-depth assessment and evaluation. It is critical to us that we identify your relative’s needs from the start so they can be helped to the best of our abilities and easily settled in with our services. 

The in-depth assessments begins with highly trained professionals and yourself. We however encourage the assessment input to be from the individual. Their cooperation ensures progress and greater building blocks towards us finding out about their likes and dislikes. We are diligent in finding out what may annoy them, confuse them, or trigger their behaviour. We are not reliant on assessments from previous professionals. We set forth to meet their requirements from the start, so we can all jointly move forward on a better journey to independence.

From the start we set milestones that are measurable and derived from the assessment and plan. These milestones could include goals such as managing personal finance, shopping, independent travel,and learning new skills. Each plan and milestone is unique to each individual and will naturally evolve with the service users input with their keyworker.

We can work one to one, two to one or in groups with the individual, with hands on or hands off support at any time. May the support be needed 24/7 or in the background. We don’t provide single solutions that is why our unique ‘continuum of care’ approach is in place to insure you that the support available is accessible and flexible at any point of time in your relative’s life.

At Cintre we work as in the definition of our name suggests – “the framework that is put in place to support an arch made out of bricks and stones. It is there as long as needed until the arch is completed and able to support itself. It is then removed and used elsewhere”.  

"Cintre is providing our son with a safe and caring environment that allows him to lead a full and active life". Client's Relative, Care2Improve Survey 2015