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Cintre provides person centred solutions that are adaptable to suit your funding package and the client's requirements.

Cintre's services support adults to achieve their full potential and to have the freedom to live as independently as they wish .

The services we offer are flexible to suit all individuals at any point of their life – we call this the ‘Cintre Continuum’. We apply the Cintre Continuum of Care approach to all our services, this enables the service user to move easily from one service to another as their needs change.

Our role is to support individuals and enable them to further their independence throughout their journey to reach ‘goals’. We at Cintre know that each service user has their own degree of independence and may need differing types of support at different periods of time. We believe that it is critical to monitor and measure any changes to insure the impact and outcomes meet the services users wishes. We build our services around people ‘a primary focus’, where we can provide them all or some of our current facilities.

Our residential settings are based in two locations Clifton in Bristol, Clevedon in North Somerset and the Reachout service supporting locations in Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucestershire.


Cintre House is based in Clifton and offers residents a warm homely style of accommodation irrespective of their conditions or behaviours. The house is located near local amenities which offers ideal closeness for the service user to build an active lifestyle with confidence. Residents at Cintre House are predicted to stay with us for up to five years or less depending upon their progress.  They can leave the service when they please, and if they choose to do so they will leave with improved independence.

Cintre Severnoaks is in North Somerset and works with young adults with challenging behaviours and conditions that may have led to the service user possibly being involved with the police, receiving educational isolation and having difficulty communicating in the world.

Severnoaks house is youthful, full of life and activity, often likened to a student house atmosphere. The house includes a large modern pool table room with a range of electronic entertainment and is decorated with cool street art. There is rooms for relaxation and communal gathering. Other rooms include a new woodwork workshop for the residents to express and gain new skills in. The workshop is an educational place where residents can craft in a team or individually with a professional teacher.

The residential services help individuals develop their life and social skills, stimulate good health and well-being, develop coping strategies for their mental and learning challenges, maintain interests, build stronger routes towards independence, have a safe and secure home with 24/7 assistance.

Reachout Community support

Cintre Reachout is a community service and works towards enabling people to increase their existing independence and to be there for occasions when they cannot fully cope. This service is designed to support people in their own home and with daily activities. We can help with tenancy and housing issues, personal finance, understanding budgets, responsibilities, hospital visits, and support with: education, opportunities, behavioural issues and social activities. Service users can meet others through our active service users’ forum and go on regular organised trips as a group. 


"...they really cared about the individuals they were supporting... always promoting and supporting independence".

Care Quality Commission Report, May 2014