Service Users

Cintre helps people develop in both residential and community enviroments.

Helping you learn, gain independence & develop life skills 


If you decide you want to live in one of our residential locations, then you will discover a house which blends into the street. A house filled with warm welcomes and lots of support in helping you grow as a person, become more independent and developed with life skills.

You will have your own bedroom, which is your space and Wi-Fi to connect your electrical devices. If you don’t have a device, we have computers for you to use. You will share the communal kitchen, bathrooms, living room, garden and other activity rooms. It will be a home where you will meet other people with similar goals, needs, behaviours and challenges.

You will be living in a safe environment with 24/7 support, 365 days a year. Each Cintre residence is located in vibrant areas where you can join new social clubs, visit local amenities, and participate in educational and voluntary opportunities. You will be part of a communal home where plenty of motivation, trust, and inspiration can be found, but have the opportunity to go out, enjoy your own free time and see new things.

The Houses:

The Severnoaks house has the benefit of the being situated in the heart of the Victorian seaside town, Clevedon. A town with seaside views, historical attractions and ideal local services. The town is just a short drive to the city of Bristol.

Cintre House is located in Clifton. The location is close to the shopping mall, train station, Clifton Down Park, Bristol Zoo and the main Whiteladie’s road, which has plenty of local amenities and bus stops leading into the city centre.

“I love the homely atmosphere” - Service user.

“I can be myself and go out whenever I feel like it” - Service user.

“I feel supported and relaxed” - Service user.

Reach Out (Community Support):

If you decide you would like support from our Reach Out service you are likely to have your own home, or be sharing a home which is not managed by Cintre. With this service your key/support worker will visit you and provide support and encouragement in taking care of your home and yourself.  They will not only just visit but accompany you to places that you find difficult, such as the bank, housing and council offices, shops, hospital or appointments with specialist people.

We will work closely with you, your wider support team and family to ensure you have the best possible experience with Cintre.

All of our supportive services won’t stop you enjoying your own chosen activities and interests but we’ll aid progression with you and help you try new things. It’s your choice, we are by your side to enable independence.

My support worker is very kind and helpful” - Service user.

“Some days I can’t wait for my key worker to visit. I really look forward to it” - Service user.

“Cintre gets me out and about doing different things” - Service user.

“I get one hour a week at my house. I get help with paying my bills and direct debits. I can now cook for myself and download music! If my washing machine broke I know someone would help me”  - Service User.

"One person described the support they received from staff as 'brilliant'."

Care Quality Commission Report, September 2013