Service Users

Cintre helps people develop in both residential and community enviroments.

We will help you gain independence and confidence.

  • At Cintre we believe everyone has a place, a role in society and part within their community. But sometimes we all need a little extra help. That’s why we are here. If you think we can help you then contact us yourself or ask a friend to do it for you.

  • You may need to speak with your family, your social worker or carer about Cintre first.  We can discuss together the best options to suit your needs, agreeing a package of support, and work towards building your confidence and independence.

  • You decide what you want to achieve and how we do it. We simply are there to help you along the way, to build your confidence to cope with the difficult world. 

  • You will have a keyworker who will help you by supporting you with difficult decisions and accompanying you with daily activities. They will provide encouragement so you can gain your own level of confidence.

What can we help you with?

  • Difficult choices.
  • Medication.
  • Work or education.
  • Visiting social clubs, friends and family.
  • Travel.
  • Understanding important letters. 
  • Someone with you at important meetings.
  • Budgets, money and paying bills.
  • Hospital, doctor and health related appointments.
  • Household tasks.
  • Finding a home.
  • Looking after yourself. 
  • Feeling good and positive about yourself.
  • Writing and telephoning people.
  • Learning new skills. 
  • Knowing someone is there 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Why choose Cintre for support?

  • Cintre’s services are designed and managed to insure you are at the centre of all planning and decision making.
  • We adjust support where needed as we work along with you. 
  • We will work closely with any other people that provide you support. This is so we can jointly deliver excellent care and support.
  • You will have a key/support worker who will always recognise and respect your thoughts and opinions.
  • Your goals and wellbeing will always be at the heart of your support plan.
  • We provide social benefits from meaningful  engagement in your support plan, the service user forum, and local community.
  • We will  provide you with clear information about your chosen service and how you can raise any issues or access your records. Your words are important to us.

"They're helpful. I go to places where I wouldn't of gone to before to help with my anxiety. I enjoy their support and company" - Service User, CQC Report 2017