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We could always do with some extra help at Cintre.

Help us do extra, for the benefit of those who need our extra support.

Extra help means alot.

Many people’s lives evolve with Cintre. It is a lifeline to our service users through difficult times and a place of compassionate work for our dedicated staff.

Whilst our core funding is from the local authorities, the little extras that can make so much positive difference are hard to come by. Your support of a voluntary donation will improve the quality of life for the people we support.

For us to continue what we do and be able to achieve greater things, we need your extra help. Like many charities, we have the constant pressure of funds being cut, endangering what we do. Most of our funding goes on the annual costs associated with all areas of the charity’s functions which vary from smaller costs such as equipment, to larger costs such as salaries, building maintenance and running costs. 

We want to provide a service which is beyond the basic package and your donation can help with so much.

You can support us through various methods. 
1. Give As You Live. 

Raise FREE funds - just by shopping online.

When you shop at over 4,000 top stores including Amazon, Expedia and John Lewis via Give as you Live, they'll turn a percentage of your spend into free funds for our charity! 

Simply sign up, search for the retailer and start shopping. It's that simple.

Get started today!

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2. Donate Directly to Cintre's Virgin Money Giving Site

3. Follow and Support Fundraising Campaigns. 

Our latest fundraising campaign is being led by Cintre House's Registered Manager Richard Luck, who is completing a Trek through the Dalai Lama Mountains in 2017 to raise resources for specialist health and fitness opportunities for the people we at Cintre support. You can donate directly to the cause through this link.

Extra Examples of what your donation can go towards :

Social Activities for Service Users:

Social activities provide opportunities for individuals to develop their communication skills, create new friendships, stay connected, prevent and help depression, motivate the mind and improve health and wellbeing.

Further Education:

We need help in funding educational courses for the services users. Many of the service users are over the age of 25, and have missed out on educational opportunities because of many reasons. Many users would be able to use the skills and education they learn to become employed or do voluntary work.  Your generous donation could open the door to a better career path for someone!

Items For Stimulation:

Electrical devices such as a TV, computer, laptop, or tablet would provide entertainment, communication and an opportunity to learn valuable life skills. Service users will be able to practice with support regularly and in spare time. They can learn to email, pay bills online, do online applications and gain more step towards independence.

Supporting Someone to do an Activity for the first time:

Some of our service users have never had the opportunity to go on holiday, complete an educational course, visit a place of interest or participate in recreational activities of their choice. Your kind donation will add a little extra fulfillment.

Extra Information:

We can provide you with tax efficient giving information, information on maximising Gift Aid, how to make a legacy, how to set up regular giving or simply answer the question "how can I help"?

Just give us a call on 0117 923 7129 or e-mail

We will definitely not bombard you with envelopes, free pens or other such nonsense, just respect your privacy and appreciate your help.

Thank you

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