What we do

Cintre offers a variety of choices to support and develop individuals with conditions that affect their ability to cope with the world.

Continuum of Care’ strategy

Our unique 'continuum of care' approach means that a person's needs determine and inspire the services we offer. Rather than providing a pre-defined package of services, we provide choice and flexibility with our services to suit you at any point in your life. This is to ensure support transitions are seamless. The approach is in place because when your needs change 'little or large', the support with Cintre will not be limited, it will continue with you. 

Our unique ‘Continuum of Care’ strategy is a key concept in how our support is delivered. The strategy assists in delivering seamless transitions from one Cintre service to another. It provides the appropriate services as the service users’ needs dictate. The strategy is in place to prevent individuals being moved from provider to provider.

We at Cintre work hard to stop the difficulties that provider changing can do. Change of providers can cause interruption to the client’s trust, familiarity and consistency with the provider.

We will provide transferable services that support an individual at differing points of their journey towards independence. The strategy aims to close the gaps caused sometimes from change, resulting in both client and provider having to restart. 

From the first initial assessment and the agreed level of care. The client will join one of our services and with our support they will be able to transfer when needed along the continuum. They have the option of returning to appropriate services when necessary. These services could be residential, supported living, floating support, respite, crisis intervention, service user forums, virtual groups, or drop in services. Choice with Cintre has no boundaries as long as we can sustain it. 

Commissioning and locating teams will be able to call upon our creative and flexible strategy and work in partnership with us towards solutions, in an open and transparent way.

“Cintre staff provide good quality support. They are caring and compassionate and clearly want the best for the people they work with…Cintre is a great service and they have clearly improved the quality of life for those people they support”. - Other Professional, Care2Improve Survey 2015