What we do

Cintre offers a variety of choices to support and develop individuals with conditions that affect their ability to cope with the world.

Our ethos at Cintre is “enabling independence”

Supporting people with difficulties or behaviours that impact their ability to reach their own individual level of independence is what we do – it’s that simple.

Everyone we work with will have a support plan and care package that is unique to them and we encourage a development plan to sit alongside this. 

We will map out the journey with the service user so we all know what we are trying to achieve.

  • Getting to know the individual. At the start of the journey we will visit everyone in their current setting. This is so we can see where an individual is coming from. 

  • Assessment. We will assess the existing plan with providers before us. After viewing existing plans we will then do a thorough initial assessment with the individual so we can identify focuses such as the individuals’ likes and dislikes, triggers, medical needs and long term aims. After focuses have been identified we will do a risk assessment. 

  • Planning the support. Once assessments have been completed, a support plan and care package will be proposed. Our support plans and care packages are person centred. The individual is encouraged to experience the proposed plan of care provided by Cintre before agreement. 

  • Continuous learning and reviewing. Alongside the support plans and care package, a development plan is encouraged for future progresses. Progresses may be support to go to college, improving literacy or numeracy skills or help with life or social skills. 

  • Acknowledgment of achievements. We know each person is different and each development plan is unique to what the client wants to achieve with their support. We celebrate all major steps along the journey of developement, steps can be as simple as going shopping unaided for the first time, attending college or obtaining a job.

    Each year we hold a 'Cintre Celebration Day' to showcase the work we do and for the service user's skills to be accredited. It is great fun and a very emotional day!