What we do

Cintre offers a variety of choices to support and develop individuals with conditions that affect their ability to cope with the world.

We deliver transitions from one Cintre service to another.

We currently provide the following three options:
  • Cintre House, Clifton, Bristol

    Cintre House offers residential service for up to seven adults in individual rooms. The service is welcoming with a warm, homely atmosphere, and offers comforts to those clients in distress or with specific needs that make life difficult and complex. Clients can feel relaxed and “take time out” throughout the house.

    Cintre House is a traditionally older building with a practically sized garden. It offers a unique calming environment with art and relaxation therapies.

    The house has a training kitchen and studio flat for clients to begin their outward transition into greater independence.

    It is close to the many shops and amenities in Bristol. A location which offers considerable social opportunities and life skills.

    The  Cintre House service is for 18-45 year old people.

  • Cintre Severnoaks, Clevedon, North Somerset

    Severnoaks in Clevedon is registered to offer services for up to seven adults. The house has a different residential environment to Cintre House. It is youthful, likened to a student house with plenty of activity and motivation.

    Severnoaks tends to work with complex, challenging behaviours and conditions of people who are often difficult to place.

    We provide individual rooms, a pool room and social area, a small gymnasium, a woodwork workshop, independent learning flat and a location that is close to local amenities and occasional stroll along the sea front!

    The Severnoaks service is for 18-45 year old people.

  • Cintre Reach Out, South West

    Our third service is Cintre Reach Out which supports people in their own homes in the community.

    Our highly trained key workers provide support for those living in their own tenancies or homes. The service assists with issues and challenges that occur in life. Such as helping them with housing queries, managing money, visiting locations, support with tests and acting as an advocate.

    Some clients can have as little as two hours a week of support, whilst others may need day and night support delivered over 39 hours a week. Reach Out includes a facility to provide sleep in support and an on-call service operating 24/7.

    The Cintre Reachout, South West service works with people aged from 18 to 67 at present.

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"My son feels very happy living at Severnoaks for that we as parents are grateful". Relative, Care2Improve Survey 2015

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