Find out more about how you can fundraise for Cintre, make a difference, and help us to do even more for our service users.

We rely on fundraising income to offer a broad and ever-expanding range of activities and opportunities across our organisation. It helps us to give the best possible quality of life to service users and to offer the best possible support to them as they work towards achievement of their personal development goals.

Contact us online or give us a call on 0117 923 7129 if you want to get involved and organise a sponsored fundraising event for Cintre, raise money for us online or develop new skills and make new friends as a fundraising volunteer.

Your support is vital and helps us to make a real difference.

Fundraising Inspiration and Ideas

Sports Day

This will really make everyone feel nostalgic about their school days. Get a group together in a big space (e.g. park, football pitch) and host your very own sports day! Raise funds by charging per entry to the event or per entry to each race/competition. Contests might include; long jump, egg and spoon race, three-legged race, throwing, hurdles. Get hold of some nice prizes for the winners (some local businesses might be happy to donate something?) and most importantly - have fun!

Give Up A Bad Habit!

Do you have a costly bad habit that you want to drop? What do you regret spending so much money on? Cigarettes? Alcohol? An expensive daily coffee? Unnecessary junk food? Fundraising for a good cause is a great source of motivation to help you cut these habits. You'll feel good about yourself too. Save up the money you would have otherwise spent on these naughty things and donate it to Cintre.

Music Gig

Do you play a musical instrument? Do you have friends who love to sing? We all enjoy listening to and watching talented people perform... so why not organise a gig? Gather a group of people who are willing to take to the stage and let them do the entertaining. Charge per entry and make a night out of it! Support people who suffer from mental health conditions through your event by donating the money you raise to Cintre.

Guess The Name

This simple guessing game is a great way to raise funds. Find a nice prize (perhaps it could be donated) and see if people can guess the name. A soft animal or bear-shaped pillow usually works best! Charge per name entry.

Donate Your Birthday!

With birthday fundraisers you always know that money is being spent on a truly valuable gift. Instead of presents, you could ask your friends and family to donate to Cintre! All funds raised would be spent on enriching and improving the lives of people we support.

Walk For Cintre

How about taking a walk to support Cintre? You could organise a big group walk, do a long multi-day hike, a steep climb, a night walk, a fancy dress stroll... the list goes on! Whatever you choose, people will be keen to support you in walking for a good cause.

Dog Walking

Everyone love dogs. Dogs love walks. Dog walking is the perfect fundraising activity. There are so many owners out there who will appreciate their pooch being taken on a nice stroll somewhere, and of course it’s a lovely thing to do for both you and the dog. Charge a fee for your dog walking services and donate your earnings to us!

Quiz Night

This is both fun and easy to organise. Get a group of people together, charge for entry and host a quiz night! This could be at home, in the park on a sunny day, or at a pub or café. Be inventive with the questions and really get everyone thinking! Try and get hold of a good prize for the winners, perhaps you could get something donated? Donate all the money raised to Cintre to help us expand and improve our services.

Art Fair

Do you and your friends have an arty side? Why not hold an art fair to share your talent and creations? You could charge per entry or sell your art and donate the funds to Cintre! Perhaps could have a face painting stall and charge a fee per person. Paintings, jewellery, sculptures, up-cycled art... show off your skills and support us at the same time!

Dance Marathon

Have fun, get fit, do something worthy. Choose a place (e.g. a community centre, school hall, park), choose the length of time (NUDM once held a 30-hour dance marathon– impressive!), and gather a group of people who are up for a challenge. Charge per entry. Other people who aren’t dancing can donate too to show their support. You’ll no doubt feel great afterwards after all the dancing, sweating and worthwhile effort.

Auction/Car Boot Sale

This is a great way to raise funds and clear some space in your home. Do you have lots of things in perfectly good condition that you don’t need anymore? I’m sure your friends do too! Why not put on an auction? Or hold a car boot sale? Not only will your old/unused items find a new home, but you'll also be supporting our work to help vulnerable people.

Hair Makeover

Choose your idea and get other people to support you to make the big hair-related change! They will be happy to donate to a good cause and be curious to see your new look. There are many different options for this one. If you have really long hair, you could cut it short. If you have really short hair, you could grow it really long. If you have a beard, you could shave it off. You could grow a beard or moustache. Or you could shave your head. Or dye your hair!

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We are always looking for new full-time and part-time staff to join our team. Find out how you could make a difference working in one of our services or as part of our management team in our head office. 

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer for Cintre whether you have lots of hours to give or just a few. We have a range of roles available for volunteers to support our services, marketing and fundraising.

We are always interested in hearing from businesses and other non-profit organisations who might be interested in working together, whether on specific projects or longer term towards jointly agreed goals.