Launching Cintre’s #FindYourFifty campaign

FindYourFifty campaign

Friday 5th March 2021, marks a year since our working lives changed dramatically, and the vulnerable individuals we support at Cintre suddenly became far more vulnerable.

It also marks 50 weeks since we have been wearing full PPE.

To mark this significant moment, Cintre’s CEO, Dr Claire Mould, is running 50 miles in under 12 hours.

During these challenging times it’s essential that we all do something that enhances our mental health and wellbeing, for Claire it’s running.

Rachel Hoskins, Cintre’s Community Manager, is committing to daily yoga sun salutations; Catherine Dhanjal, Cintre’s PR and Marketing Manager, is doing 50 minutes of fitness a day for March.

Now we are challenging you to “Find your Fifty”

Think of something you can do in relation to ‘50’ throughout March, that boosts your wellbeing – be that walking 50 minutes a day, running a few miles each week to total 50 miles by the end of March, dancing for 50 minutes a week – or joining our CEO virtually on the 50 mile run, all or part of it!

Fundraise for Cintre

We’d love to see your #FindYourFifty on social media and share this fundraising link or our Charities Aid Foundation link as you help us to raise funds which can really make a difference to the lives of adults with complex mental health and learning difficulties across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

We thank each and every one of you for all your help with our work!

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