Service Users presentation.

Our service users were recently invited to the Care and Support West general meeting which was hosted at the Resound in Mangotsfield, Bristol. The team were lead by one of the Reachout managers and consisted of both staff members and service users. They were also supported by some members of the senior management team that were there to attend the meeting.


The team gave a 20 minute speech while a pre-prepared slide show circulated on a large screen behind them showing the audience some of the highlights that they have experienced with Reachout and Cintre. Explaining what Cintre means to the service users and how they find the charity important they engaged with the staff and the audience from across Bristol’s charity sector to spread the message. The team seamed to captivate the other members in the audience and were greeted with a warm round of applause after they had finished.


Seeing the Cintre team with such a positive and happy attitude and knowing how hard they had prepared for the presentation was so invigorating and it is times such as this that you get to understand how important charities and what they do are.  I spoke to the team after the presentation and they all agreed how well it went and how they were now looking forward to other opportunities to do it again. Hopefully in the near future it would be nice to build upon this experience and talk at another event. Opportunities such as this help to enable independence and give our adults a sense of pride, self respect and achievement.

Thank you to Care and Support West for making such an opportunity possible.

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